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Staten Island is hot right now.  Our borough boasts an influx of dynamic development, a burgeoning arts scene, and the continuing qualities that have always made it a great place to settle down.

And millions of proud New Yorkers who live in the other boroughs, tired of paying thousands of dollars in rent for their cramped apartments, are being turned on to Staten Island.

As a result, more and more people are moving to Staten Island.  Here are a few important reasons why:

1.  More space! 

What do Staten Islanders look for in a home? Good location, open floor plan, a garage … basically, lots of space!  Nowhere else in New York City offers the kind of space you can find (and afford) in Staten Island while being so close to Brooklyn, so close to lower Manhattan, so close to Jersey City.  The deals that used to be available across the East River in Brooklyn and Queens or across the Hudson River in New Jersey have moved south.


2. Thanks to developers, the North Shore is becoming the next Hoboken … or Williamsburg (depending on who you ask)

The comparisons are varied … Hoboken, Williamsburg, Jersey City … when people describe their vision for the North Shore of Staten Island, both developers and the residents moving in.  The common thread is that these places underwent a renaissance in the recent past, becoming more hip and more desirable.  Although rent prices are relatively affordable still, North Shore is well on its way to following in the footsteps of more renowned neighborhoods around the City.

3. An exciting influx of the arts is moving to our island

Two new initiatives are creating an arts infusion on Staten Island.  Future Culture: Connecting Staten Island’s Waterfront will link developers with local (and incoming) artists and their neighbors to create public art projects and dynamic use of public space.

SI Makerspace is a collaboration to support small businesses and creative development by offering workshops, counseling, and other resources to the growing arts community in Staten Island.  You can read more about the movement here.

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4. The ferry! (An expansion is coming, but we already have one)

Finally, the ferry is being appreciated.

Plans are underway to expand ferry service to all 5 boroughs.  A project put forth by Mayor de Blasio would make New York City’s ferry service the largest in the country (twice the size of San Francisco’s system).  At a cost of $325, the new ferry routes will carry 4.5 million passengers annually and will begin next summer in Brooklyn and Queens, followed by routes to the Bronx and additional parts of Manhattan in 2018.

Seems like people are waking up to the fact that the ferry is an excellent asset.  And whether or not these plans come to fruition, we already have ours.

5. Great teachers, great schools, great community!  

Staten Island is a community-oriented place, flush with neighborhoods perfect for raising a family.  Many residents grew up here and have often have generations of family living nearby. For those that appreciate the fast-paced dynamism of New York City but also long for that sense of community, Staten Island is the best of both worlds.

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